Newhorizons is an exclusive PADI Scuba Diving School with a virtual office. We communicate to our students via video conferencing, phone calls and text messages. When it comes to water training, we train in communal swimming pools and local dive sites.
At Newhorizons, we are teaching to the highest standards and building a divers community which shares the love of scuba diving across the globe, including beautiful Canadian lakes, rivers and oceans!

The lead instructor at Newhorizons, Roman Turezki, who is a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer (MSDT), loves to dive, especially in cold water. The diving never stops and continues on throughout all seasons. Roman also loves to teach! And loves to teach Sidemount, Deep, Wreck, Night, Drift and Drysuit specialties! Roman also runs an online dive gadgets store. Checkout the product selection at divegadgets.ca. Also give a quick shout out to our sponsors and technical support at rtsolve.com. Send a quick email to roman@newhorizons.pro or click Whatsapp button to discuss your diving aspirations!