PADI Re-Activate/Re-Fresher

Have you taken a break from scuba diving, but now are ready to get back in the water and refresh your skills, get pro tips and generally remind yourself how wonderful and therapeutic diving is? If the answer is Yes, then the PADI Re-activate/Refresher course is for you!

We will be spending up to two hours in the water refreshing your skills such as mask purge, mask remove and replace, regulator recovery, neutral buoyancy and hovering, alternate air ascent and everything and anything you feel you might need an instructor to emphasize on. We can also discuss the dive theory...things like gas volumes and pressure...or perhaps dive tables? As a bonus, you will have a direct access to the instructor via Whatsapp and will be able to reach out with questions long after the course.

As a reminder, most of the dive resorts down South will ask you to provide a proof of recent diving experience; a lack of such will yield a need to do Refresher course before you will be allowed to get in the open water. So do it locally, do it with an instructor diving year round in the frigid water of Ontario and save your vacation time by getting right into open water!

Included in the course's price:

  • Theory review
  • Two hours in the pool
  • Log book record with Instructor's credentials
  • All equipment

The student could also choose to do PADI eLearning knowledge review, which will include online test and electronic record of the Re-Activate course along with an updated card with Re-Activate symbol on it. Recommended!

To participate in this course you must be a PADI certified Jr/Open Water Scuba Diver. Do not forget to bring in your dive log book!

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