PADI Advanced Open Water Diver

Advanced Open Water Diver is your next step in your diver's development path.  In this course, you will, alongside your instructor, experience five adventure dives and advance your diving skills.  You will:
  • Dive up to 100 ft*
  • Polish your navigation and buoyancy skills
  • Experience night diving
  • Learn how to properly deploy Delayed Surface Marker Buoy (DSMB)
To enroll in this course:
  • Student must be 10 years old*
  • Be PADI Open Water Diver Certified
You will receive an email with a link to your eLearning material.  Studying online offers amazing flexibility as you study at your own pace and use interactive platform developed by PADI.  Please commit 6-8 hours for Advanced Open Water Diver eLearning.  eLearning must be completed before we engage in Open Water dives.  Instructor will support you during eLearning if required. There will be total of five open water shore dives.  We usually do our Open Water dives over two weekends, but we can adjust the schedule if required.
Included in the course's price:
  • PADI Advanced Open Water Diver eLearning
  • Five instructional Open Water Shore Dives
  • Instructor's support during your eLearning
  • Certification card
NOT included in the course's price:
  • BCD
  • Regulator Set (First Stage, Second Stage, Second Stage Alternate, SPG with depth read out)
  • Mask, Snorkel, Fins, Weights
  • Wetsuit/Drysuit
  • Tanks with air
We can arrange gear and tank rental.  Please consider purchasing accessories via

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